Children’s Magician

So, you want to be a children’s magician?

This is a page I am looking forward to writing!

In my mind, children’s entertainment is either something you LOVE or you don’t.

(Funnily enough, there are magicians that cannot stand to entertain children.)

It’s hard to believe – when you look at this face!
Pure joy - childrens magic
Pure Joy – laughing at children’s magician Matthew Ross.


The birthday magician is also something that most people have been exposed to, at least once.

Or, an Uncle/ Aunt/ Dad (not really Moms) have shown you some effect as a child – which has opened your eyes to the Wonderful, Mysterious World of Magic!

And… this has made you delve further into that mysterious world.

So, like it or not… children’s magicians will always be around.

It will probably be the first type of magic you do as a show.

And with good reason – the pure joy that children display when objects do things that they aren’t supposed to do – is something to behold.

(doesn’t it seem like adults watching magic- with their awe struck, smiling faces – are going back a little into their own childhood too?)

So… what do I need to do to become a children’s magician?

  • Have Fun (don’t take yourself too seriously J )

Magic is the vehicle, JOY is the outcome.

  • Have Fun… the more expansive your gestures, the more animated your face, the wider your heart – the more fun you and they will have.
  • You guessed it… NO!      no more Fun.

Use BIG props if you can, if you don’t have them – make yourself some.

Here’s a homemade SMALL wand, just right for a little magic trick!
Big Magic Wand
Small Wand
Here’s a BIG wand, just right for a big magic trick!
Small Magic Wand
Huge wand for a big magic trick.
Here’s a Medium wand, just right for anything inbetween!
medium magic wand
An inbetween Magic Wand
And… here’s Chicken Licken… oops, sorry – getting side-tracked!
Chicken Licken
Chicken Licken
  • Animals… children love animals (think rabbits and doves).

However, be VERY careful here. Animals grow to trust you and get used to you.

Treat them with great RESPECT.

They are helping you…

Does a cowboy on the range mistreat his horse?

” No Siree, he don’t” – said with an American accent.

(we lost Carridock the magic rabbit of 8 years through Leo the Bull Terrier jumping through her cage – so once again always be aware)

What else – Children’s magician?

  • You could do balloon modelling.
  • You can juggle for them… or with them…(not juggle the children… juggle the balls next to them while they juggle with you. Agh, whatever way I say it, it sounds funny – I’m sure you know what I mean).
balloon magic
Balloon Magic

Balloon Modelling

Children’s magic is a large field, so this is just a taster of what to expect later on, in

And sometimes children love the magic so much that they just don’t want to leave – so…

you just have to move them

(only joking)

childrens magic
Matthew moving them kids!

My favourite children’s magic books – David Ginn – love his “theme” ideas.

You can expect more on children’s magic in “business magic”- when I write it.

So, there is lots to look forward to.

Now… stop reading this website and get out and make some children smile.

Smiling at childrens magic
Smiley Faces
P.s. With much thanks to Matthew Ross for his “Madiba Magic Day” photos.




Last updated on 2017-02-23

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