CMC- Daelin trophy 2023

Daelin Trophy 2023

The Daelin trophy was held last night (5 September 2023).

The performances were great. Winner on the evening was Carlo Penso.

Bruce Kilgour Daelin trophy 2023

Bruce Kilgour

Bruce Kilgour with a very well routined card act.

Alexander May

Alexander May

Alexander May with a book test which was full of suprises.

Carlo Penso Daelin trophy

Carlo Penso

Carlo Penso performed as a bird watcher… and yes, he caught his bird!

Overall Winner for the evening.

Tim Coles

Tim Coles

Tim Coles, doing his inimitable breed of funny!

Mike Barta

Mike Barta

Mike Barta – a special guest appearance after a hard day in Franschoek. Doing his ‘linking rings’.

Thanks to the College of Magic for hosting us.

A great time was had by all.

And thanks to all the performers for contributing their characterful (is that a word?) acts for the entertainment.

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