Erik Tait Magician

Erik Tait magician is based in Columbus, Ohio, in the United States.

Erik Tait magician
Erik Tait

Here is a link to his bio page, which explains it all better than i ever could (and with the humour necessary from a degree in comedy- comedy writing and performance programme). According to his bio, he is the only magician with a degree in comedy… so there’s a first right there.

He has just won third place in Fism Quebec 2022, in card magic. So he is amongst illustrious company.

He has also won the International Brotherhood of Magicians Gold Close Up Competition Champion (2018), and has also appeared on Penn and Teller.

Please have a look through the articles below. They do give quite an insight into Erik and his performing. I have also listed some of his effects available below, so you can learn some of his moves!

Videos with Erik Tait

Penn and Teller “Fool Us”
Erik Taits promo reel 2018

Articles with Erik Tait

Erik Tait ready to represent North America at FISM (gives a great insight into Erik’s mind with regards to his magic).

Article written after Erik had placed Third at FISM.

Product from Erik Tait

For more products from Erik Tait

Last updated on 2023-02-11

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