Dewayne Hill magician

Dewayne Hill is a comedy magician based in Orlando, Florida.

He has just been nominated in 5 different categories by Creative Loafing magazine in their annual “Best of the Bay” awards.

Last year he won the Best Family Entertainer Award (2021).

This year he is nominated for Best Magician, Best Stand up Comedian and Best Family Entertainer.

He has also been nominated for 2 film award categories: Best Film Maker and Best Actor… for a film he produced and directed “The Discernment”.

Videos with Dewayne Hill

The first video i particulary like, as it has within the title “magicians and magic” shows. Therefore a man after my own heart (and site… sic.).

Promo video
News Video
2020 Strolling promo reel

Articles with Dewayne Hill

Nominated for “Best of the Bay” Awards , Orlando, Florida.

Here is a link to the site of his film.

His site:

Last updated on 2022-08-19

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