Joshua Jay marries Anna Kloots

Great Magician Joshua Jay has tied the knot!

So, there I was, sitting looking at some emails… when a story from the New York Times caught my eye.

The marriage of Joshua Jay and his new wife Anna.

Was of great interest, as I had met both of them for the first time in April, when they were in Cape Town.

So, Joshua and Anna… from Magiciansandmagic… a hearty Congratulations!!! May you have many magically wonderful years.

Their marriage took place at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Manhattan, on Aug 29th.

There are some beautiful photos in the New York Times article: Article NYTimes Joshua Jay marries Anna Kloots

Some of the magicians that performed at the wedding: Rob Zabrecky, Charlie and Sherry Frye and Mr Kloots (Anna’s father) performed his first public magic trick with her niece!

Did you know that Joshua Jay has over 4400 magic artifacts, including a strait jacket worn (not for long) by Harry Houdini.

Have a good read of the article… very interesting, even giving how Josh proposed and background history to their relationship.

Once again all the best to the newlyweds.



Last updated on 2024-06-10

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