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Séance- glad to see someone getting this out into the open again

As a child I used to try and tape ghosts in the graveyard (you leave the tape running and hope to hear something in the background) and had a big interest in the paranormal.

Obviously, this was as a result of an interest in Magic (the entertaining kind only).

Never managed to get a voice on the tape… however, I will say this… Houdini was the most well known at disproving the contact with the dead… I see a lot more shows on television now, supposedly about contacting your loved ones after death.

It seems to me that this is like using your vulnerabilities when you are at your most vulnerable. I would compare it to going to a doctor and getting test after test done for diagnosis, simply because you are sick and the machines need to be paid for. Who complains when they are sick?

(sorry my little tirade)

So, it is quite interesting to see that a magician in Toronto is doing a live play about séances.

Being shown at Theatre Passe Muraille until October 11 (in Toronto).

I haven’t seen it, or contacted Nic Wallace… but anything that helps people understand that séances are a farce is welcome in my book.

Here’s the link to Post City Toronto article: Seance show in Toronto


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Last updated on 2021-05-11

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