Ma Diva Magic- about to hit the stage.

Well, I planned on doing a write up on this over a month and a half ago… things got in the way.

But, opening night is about upon us:

Ma Diva Magic – opening night : 22nd February (till 27 February)

I do have a sneaky suspicion that this show will do so well, that it will also come to Cape Town… and who knows where else! (starting in Johannesburg, details on poster below).

Ma Diva Magic poster
Irit Noble and Olwethu Dyantyi are the stars of Ma Diva Magic


What is Ma Diva Magic?

Ma Diva Magic is a Magical Cabaret show, expertly produced by Jean – Pierre Murray- Kline.

The two stars: Irit Noble and Olwethu Dyantyi, are expert performers in their respective fields… coming together in one beautifully presented cabaret evening show. If you enjoy Magic, or Cabaret… or both… THIS MUST NOT BE MISSED.

To take a line from the Ma Diva Magic website (I couldn’t say it any better):

Featuring award-winning entertainers, Ms Irit Noble and Olwethu Dyantyi, Ma Diva Magic will take the audience back to a time before TV – where theatre ruled entertainment and where guests dressed up for the occasion!  From the costumes, sound and lighting, you are guaranteed a night of elegance, magic and wonder!

Ms Noble adds a modern twist to the old cabaret genre as the hit favourites are woven into a show of wonder enhanced with truly mind blowing illusions by the “Glamipulator” himself, Olwethu Dyantyi.

I know that Olwethu and Irit have been putting in some serious rehearsals for this show… so you can be sure that you are attending some of the very best live entertainment that the World has to offer.

Personally, I won’t be in Johannesburg, during this period of showing. I am sure to chat with Jean- Pierre and Olwethu shortly afterwards- so you can expect an update later on the show (and it’s goings on).

Aside: Magicians and magic site would like offer our thanks to the Stars and to Jean- Pierre for putting together such a wonderful show (and idea) in the South African context.

Internationally… if you want to book a show of this stature and see how the South Africans are doing it- use my contact form and I will talk to Jean- Pierre, who can contact you.

Note: Ma Diva Magic is also available for Corporate events.

Link to Olwethu’s profile.

Ma Diva Magic website.


Last updated on 2016-09-26

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  1. Great write up :)
    Regrettably I, too, will not be in Johannesburg, but I know the show will be a huge success …..

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