Help a Magician- Vegas trip with College of Magic- Caitlin Hutchinson

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Caitlin Hutchinson
Caitlin and Emma winning a place at the SA MAGIC CHAMPS in 2015

Caitlin Hutchinson won 2nd place in the SA Magic Champs Junior category in 2015, with a beautiful act… she and her sister (pictured above) also do ballet and combine this dance, music and magic into a truly wonderful act.

She has been given the opportunity to be one of the deserving students who go as part of the College of Magic delegation to Vegas in August of this year.

As a part of the experience students need to pay towards this trip and she has devised a wonderful way (well, I think so anyway) of using social media to help her do this.

She has started a “Rolling Raffle” facebook page. You pay R100 (South African money) and get entered into a draw (there are 16 draws) to win a prize. She then posts the draw on the page via video.

So, anyone who wants to take part, or if you want to simply help (who is going to be the first American to do so?- will ask Caitlin to let me know and give you some exposure on this site). In American money U.S. $ 5.88 for the 16 draws.

If Caitlin achieves her target, I am sure that you would see her at one of the conventions this year in the US (depending on dates).

Go on and visit her facebook page.


Please note that this is now over. However, i am leaving the page up as it is of informational value.

Last updated on 2022-08-25

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