Magi-Fest 2016

Jan 28 – 31 2016, Columbus, Ohio

Info in from Vanishing Inc. Magic.

Just received email from Vanishing inc., so thought I would spread the info… registrations are open for the Magi Fest in January 2016.

If you want to see Joshua Jay looking like Jeff McBride, here is his video (dressing like Jeff Mc Bride gives you priority seating at the Magi- Fest…p.s. don’t forget your hair!)


  • Shin Lim doing his winning FISM act.
  • Announcing Xavier Mortimer: Xavier Mortimer (You Tube)
  • The great Jeff Mc Bride

And a good few more amazing magical performers. I wont be able to do full justice to them all here, so here is the link to the Magi-Fest site: Magi-Fest 2016


And .. THAT”S NOT ALL… over 30 dealers at the convention.

Go Ahead and treat yourself, book for the Magi-Fest.

Drop us a line afterwards, we would love to hear all about it.




Last updated on 2016-09-30

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