Magic Christian

Magic Christian is an Austrian famous magician. I remember him from his involvement with Piatnik (the Austrian company making magic products).

He is a three times FISM World Champion. One of the most successful magicians in Austria and Germany. He is also the President of the Magic Club of Vienna (MAGISCHER KLUB WIEN), since 1989.

More about Magic Christian

(This information is taken from the Curriculum Vitae section on his site:– with thanks)

Magic Christian’s real name is Christian Stelzel. Magic Christian is his stage name.

Magic Christian is an Austrian magician, designer, actor, presenter and author. He lives in Vienna and is the father of two children (Philipp & Lisa)

  • Born in Upper Austria, grew up in Vienna.
  • As a child, he made his first steps as a magician, inspired by his father’s magic book
  • Studied industrial design at the University of Applied Arts.
  • 1966: First prizes for the enchanting gentleman from Vienna.
  • 1968: First continental European to win the coveted British Ring Shield
  • 1969: His name as a magician becomes a brand.
  • 1970—1979: Own office for industrial design
  • 1973, 1976 and 1979: Magic Christian is three times world champion in the category
    manipulation at the FISM World Congresses and won the 1st prize for inventions
  • From 1979 he started his professional career as a magician. Magic Christian lives his talent as a magician and turns his gift into a profession.
  • Magic Christian is currently the most successful magician in Austria since the legendary magician Johann Nepomuk HOFZINSER (1806-1875).

In the service of magic

Magic Christian’s presentations take place and have taken place all over the world: He has shown and taught his art on stages on all five continents and was an ambassador for Austrian entertainment art in many countries such as the USA, Canada, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, China and Japan.

He successfully performed magic in our European neighbors such as Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, he amazed France, Spain, Holland, England, Ireland, as well as Portugal, Sweden, Denmark and Poland. Egypt, Syria, South Africa and Hawaii were also stops on his shows.

No journey is too far for Magic Christian to charm audiences in other countries or to teach magic to others as a lecturer in seminars. His name as a magician guarantees quality

Still curious? Or already enchanted?

Magic Christian is more than just a magician. He…
…also gives lectures for management conferences (“Illusion and Reality”, “Psychology and Body Language” “How do I present myself successfully?)
…after the fall of the German Wall for 51 seminars throughout Germany to teach the new art of magic support financially.
…is a skeptic of the dubious arts of Uri Geller or Filipino faith healer
…is actively involved in the promotion of young magicians.
…also performs magic perfectly in English, sometimes also in French, Italian and Spanish.
…is a sought-after moderator and speaker with his pleasant and concise voice.

Magic Christian

The written word

Magic Christian’s contributions can be found in professional journals around the world. For 11 years he was editor-in-chief of the Austrian magazine ALADIN. He penned many well-founded books and manuscripts on magic. Magic Christian understands the magic matter and has been researching the history of magic for years.

He wrote an extensive trilogy about the founder of modern map art, the legendary Johann Nepomuk HOFZINSER, which was translated into English. The third volume in English is nearing completion.

Magic Christian developed magic books and magic kits for young beginners for the traditional Austrian company Piatnik. The great success leads to translations into English, French, Japanese, Hungarian, Russian and Polish.

The magician of versatility

  • In 1985 Magic Christian creates a novelty as a magician: the political magic cabaret. This magical entertainment takes the art of magic to a new level and combines cabaret texts with the art of deception. New productions are already being planned.
  • From 1986 the magical gentleman was also drawn to the theater stage: he played, among other things, the prestigious role of “Frosch” in the operetta “Die Fledermaus” and roles in Nestroy and Raimund plays
  • In 1992 Magic Christian received the “Silver Medal of Honor of the Republic of Austria”.
  • In 2000, the Austrian Federal President honored Magic Christian with the title “Professor”. The magician is definitely the magical and stylish ambassador of Austrian magic.
  • In 2003, Magic Christian was awarded the “Golden City Hall Man” by Vienna Mayor Häupl.
  • The highlight of 2005 was the award of the “Award of Performing Fellowship” from the Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood, the “Oscar of Magic”.
  • In October 2008, Magic Christian received the “Golden Medal of Honor of the Republic of Austria”.

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