The Magic Castle (Hollywood, U.S.A.)

Review on The Magic Castle and Academy of Magical Arts will be coming later.

In the meantime…

Here a facebook posts where the Magic Castle is mentioned:


Articles that relate to the Magic Castle:

Floyd Thayer – relates to the Magic Castle in that Floyd Thayer (Thayer Magic Company) swapped houses with the Larsens (founders of Genii magazine), the younger Larsens (Bill Jr. and Milt, and Bill Jr’s wife Irene) opened the Magic Castle in 1963. This article concerns 49 boxes, which is an immersive storytelling game – created by Michael Borys.


BIG news regards Magic Castle and the Novaex Group: they are licencing for IP with the Magic Castle, in a first out of the U.S.- an agreement with the Novaex group of China. Have a look at their planned resort. (the PRWEB press release).

Magic castle doing Virtual shows for military

Cardi B visits the Magic Castle. (April 2022)


Ghosts of the Magic Castle

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