Magical priest- Mark Townsend

An Anglican Reverend and a Magician

When I saw this article, I knew it belonged on this site. We already have the pope doing his magic, and now we have an Anglican priest. (note: according to he is now an Independent Priest and member of the Progressive Christian Alliance (PCA))

(You can also Rent a Rev on his magicofsoul site- really interesting).

Rev. Mark Townsend has been performing since the age of 10, after watching an uncle who showed him a card trick.

He continued practising magic right through the seminary.

He has tied in his magic with his religion and into church services.

He also has the sites: and

With testimonials on the sites from : Eugene Burger, Jeff mc Bride, Romany and even Uri Geller.

Even managed to pull off a you tube video of him performing, below:

Follow up on Mark Townsend: Nice piece written about him in

the Mirror (Oct 2017)

Last updated on 2017-10-16

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