Female Magicians

Lee Cohen
Lee Cohen – Female Magician

Female Magicians

In alphabetical order:

  • Alana (German Magician)
  • Caitlin Hutchinson (Course 6 at College of Magic, ballet/dance and magic combined).
  • Carisa Hendrix. (Canadian magician, based in Los Angeles).
  • Darci Lynne (USA, Ventriloquist)
  • Lee Cohen (Magician, President of the Australian Institute of Magic, Director at the Melbourne Magic Festival and Director at Lee Cohen Designs- Lee travels worldwide, with Melbourne, Australia her home base).
  • Madame DeLinsky (deceased few days after getting shot in Bullet catching trick).
  • Gloria Dea (the first magician to perform on the Las Vegas Strip).
  • Jeanette Andrews ( USA based)
  • Rizuki (Indonesian, the “Princess of Magic”).
  • Romany (U.K. based magishehen- her words)
  • The Sacred Riana (Indonesian magician)
  • Yumi (Japanese magician)

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