“The Ilusionists” – lawsuit by co- creator

“The Illusionists” lawsuit underway by co- creator

Came across an interesting story by Eriq Gardner of the Hollywood Reporter, here’s the link:

Lawsuit – The Illusionists

Brett Daniels is the co- creator of “The Illusionists” -which is billed as the highest selling magic show in Broadway history.

Daniels alleges he was due 10 percent of all fees paid to performers for any Illusionists show in any format.

He alleges that the Defendants cut him out of the act and have not paid him his  contractually guaranteed share of the Total Act Fees from at least November of 2013 to the present.

He is also alleging that the Defendants have continued using his proprietary, copyrighted illusions, without his consent.

From the article:

Daniels says he invented his vehicle appearance illusion in 1993, has registered choreography and stage direction with the U.S. Copyright Office

Aside:(I didn’t even know you could register stage direction and choreography with a Copyright Office.)(Guess, I better wake up on the law regards this- anyone have experience with this from outside the U.S.?)

The article goes on to state how there was a show due in Venezuela and how Daniels was left to fend for himself, when authorities seized his equipment and the show did not go ahead. (this sounds like a “last straw” event- probably what pushed this whole episode over the edge).

However, the outcome of a case like this will be very interesting to the world of magiciansandmagic. So, I will try and keep you updated on this blog.

Interestingly enough, the actual case document is also available from the article link above and makes for very interesting reading. ( note : all entities from different domiciles- interesting in itself).

Lets hope that all the parties involved get their justice and that this issue is put to bed.

Update on The Illusionists lawsuit.

The lawsuit is ongoing and now rests with the  U.S. District Court Judge Ronald Lew.

Update May 2018: update 2018



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