The Ventriloquists Convention started Aug 25, 2015

Giselle Vienne’s “The Ventriloquist Convention”

Link to the launch video below (you tube).

A play about needs, desire, human emotion. Highly influenced by the annual Ventriloquist convention that happens in the Vent Haven Museum in Kentucky.

Centres on nine ventriloquists and their dummies (vents).

P.s. I would love to hear from some ventriloquists. Contact me…. would be great to put write up on you.

Here is a link to a full write up, the production, etc.: Ventriloquists convention.

Update to “The Ventriloquists Convention”

The show will be at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago), for 3 performances – November 12- 14th 2015, at 7:30 pm each evening.

NOTE: I didn’t previously mention that the play is written by American Dennis Cooper and directed by Gisele Vienne.

Came across a well written piece by Kim Campbell (of the web publication “Gapers Block”), who interviews Gisele Vienne regards the play. Worth a read.

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