Day 1 South African Magic Convention 2023

So, the Big day is finally here… day 1 South African Magic Convention 2023!

Actually, the Big Day started the night before, with Dr. Wolfgang Riebe offering his venue “The Magic Manor” for a braai (barbeque) to attendees who simply couldn’t wait to get started.

See the Magic Manor library room coming along below.

Stuart Lightbody at Magic Manor
Stuart Lightbody mesmerising at Magic Manor.

Day One begins

The venue “College of Magic”

College of Magic
The College of Magic- Cape Town, South Africa
Entrance to the SA Magic Convention 2023
Entrance to the SA Magic Convention 2023

People began to arrive at the appointed hour of 7pm… excited to register and await the first lecture of the convention: Javi Benitez

Actually that is not true, people started arriving from 5:30 pm, such was their excitement.

To be met at the door with by Diane May (The Cape Magicians Circle Secretary and previous President)

DIane May at the welcome desk at the Sa Magic Convention 2023
Diane May at the welcome desk for the SA Magic Convention 2023

The table awaiting the attendees

A pic of the goodie bags

Goodie bag for the SA Magic Convention 2023
Yum yum- goodie bags
Change bags by Carol's Bags
Change Bags by “Carol’s Bags”
Timothy Coles being welcomed.
Timothy Cole being welcomed by Llewyn Maralack

A bite to eat and the receiving of certificates for the CMC’s 90th.

Marc Wegkamp presenting The Cape Magicians Circle President Kenny Williamson with certificate.
Marc Wegkamp (wearing Johannesburg Magic Circle cap) presenting CMC with certificate for their 90th Anniversary.

The Cape Magicians Circle received certificates from SAMCO, The Johannesburg Magic Circle and the East Rand Magic Society.

Also receiving congratulations from Bloemfontein Magic Club.

We also received Letters of Congratulation from The International Brotherhood of Magicians and The Magic Circle (London)- did you know that David Berglas was made an Honorary Vice President of The Cape Magicians Circle over 30 years ago.

So, we were all really honoured for all the congratulations that the Circle received and thank each and every one of you.

On to Javi Benitez’s lecture

Javi Benitez giving his zoom lecture to convention attendees.
Javi Benitez presenting his wealth of knowledge to convention attendees

The evening drew to a close with people retiring after the lecture for a last bite to eat and heading to their homes and resting places for the evening, with an early morning tomorrow.

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