Day 2 South African Magic Convention 2023

Day two begins

Saturday, 7 October 2023

9:00 Coffee, tea and warm doughnuts (thank you Diane May) brought forth the start of a new day.

First in the lineup for the day was Love Melander.

He provided his willing audience with tips and tricks delivered in his enthusiastic style. Starting with a bang (music and no introduction needed).

love Melander and helpers
Love Melander with his ‘helpers’.
Love Melander discussing Francis Tabary rope magic
Love Melander discussing his variation on Francis Tabary’s rope magic
Love Melander cross with his silk.
Love Melander ‘exasperated’ with his silk

Franz Harary

Our discussion with Franz Harary was up next, so off to the zoom room.

Franz spoke about his thought processes in creating illusions, his performing, where he is after the lockdowns and was really, really interesting.

Franz Harary on the screen
Franz Harary on the screen
Up closer with Franz Harary
Franz Harary up closer
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Go Ahead and Follow Franz

On to the South African Magic Championships 2023

After our talk with Franz Harary, it was time to depart to Cape Town proper for the SA MAGIC CHAMPS.

The Championships were divided into a Senior champs and Junior champs (officially known as Magicana Junior Magic Champs). With a Close-up Magic and Stage Magic category in each.

The venue was the Homecoming Theatre (which is a fantastic venue).

Inside the close up theatre at the Homecoming Centre
Inside the Close Up Theatre at the Homecoming centre
Esteemed judges for the Champs
Our Esteemed judges at the Champs
Sahil Samlal Close up Senior
Sahil Samlal performing close up
Sebastiano Ollo Senior Close up
Sabastiano Ollo at the Close up table
Stuart Lightbody Senior Close up
Stuart Lightbody amazing the crowd

Carlo Penso stage
Carlo Penso performing his stage act.
Gavin Ford
Gavin Ford doing an amazing manipulation act.
Alexander May and Zoe May
Alexander May performing his winning act.
Regardt Laubscher stage
Regardt Laubscher with his stage routine.
Sinethemba Bawuti stage
Sinethemba Bawuti stage
Sebastiano Ollo
Sebastiano Ollo Stage

I was taking these pictures on a cell phone from far back in the audience, so apologies for quality. If you are looking for top quality photos, the College of Magic had a photographer taking photos. They will release when they are ready.

I have only included the “Senior” section in this post, as the Convention and SA Champs were run in conjunction. The Junior category is the Magicana Junior Magic Champs, which is run every year through the College of Magic.

Results of both Championship were announced at 9 pm that evening.

Below is a facebook post giving the Official results.

College of Magic Facebook post listing official results.

Senior Results- South African Magic Championships 2023

Senior National Close-up Magic Championships
1 st Place Close-up Magic Championships – 2023 SA Champion
 Stuart Lightbody
2 nd  Place Close-up Magic Championships
 Sebastiano Olla
3rd Place Close-up Magic Championships
 N/A

Senior National Stage Magic Championships
1 st Place Stage Magic Championships – 2023 SA Champion
 Alexander May
2 nd  Place Stage Magic Championships
 Gavin Ford
3 rd Place Stage Magic Championships
 Sebastiano Olla

  SA National Overall Magic Champion
– Stuart Lightbody

winners sa magic championships 2023
Placed magicians in the South African Magic Championships 2023

Additional Suprise

Alexander May placed First in the Stage Magic category (Senior).

His Act included the appearance of a “Huge Scary White Tiger”- which had the audience in awe- as it turned out to be his daughter “Zoe Alexander”.

Subsequently, when the “Association De Magiciens Internationaux” was made aware of this… she was awarded a honorary membership.

Zoe May Association De Magiciens Internationaux

Here is Alex’s facebook post:

A great competition, lets see if we can convince the other Presidents to make this annual, it would be fantastic to see.

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