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Magic Today 12 April 2024 contains:

  1. Mat Franco and The Animal Foundation
  2. Shari and Lambchop
  3. Jack White and Muhammed Ali
  4. Eric Chien – all performances on CGT
  5. Jason Verners

Transcript for Magic Today 12 April 2024

Good day folks. Today is the 12th of April 2024. I am Kenny, your host of Magic Today.Today is going to be a short magic today.

First up, we have magician Matt Franco, who is sponsoring the Animal Foundation again. He’s been doing it for a few years. He even adopted this little dog. I think it’s that little dog, but. It was a 10 year old dog named Gecko that he adopted this year.

What they’re doing is they’re giving A wish list via Amazon wish list and those who purchased $20 worth of items will receive a complimentary ticket to see Matt Franco at the Link Hotel. So that’s good. I always enjoy when people help animals.

Next up, Sherry and Lamb Chop documentary that is now on at Kicking off the 2024 Milwaukee Film Festival. It’s the same documentary that we were speaking about previously. Here’s a little bit of lamb chop.

“And hi. Lamb chop. Excuse me, lamb chop. What’s the matter? What’s up? What’s what? That thing. What thing? Oh, that thing. That thing. That’s a camera. A camera.”

That’s a bit of shari and lamb chop.

Then we have a little article on the North Coast current, which is interesting in that it is a 1985 explaining a 1985 meeting between Jake White, Jack White, who was also a newsman and a magician, and he was on the board of directors of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. He was at the Hotel del Coronado having his steak, his supper and Muhammad Ali walked in with his crew. And they met and next thing they were doing tricks for each other. And that was was filmed actually at the time. And it says hopefully the news archive is down at the KGTV Channel 10 has preserved his meeting for future generations. That’s a bit of classic video history, so if anybody has seen that, it’d be interesting. Muhammad Ali and Jack White.

Then Magicians Got Talent have released a that’s obviously taken from AGT footage. It is all the performance of Eric Chien on China’s Got Talent. So obviously when you watch it you will see the English. Below the Chinese there’s an English explanation of what’s going on. Look something like this. So Yep. Definitely worth getting going and having a . Watch ’cause there’s a huge following for this.

we have a lovely little article in the Times Colonist, so we’re going all the way to Canada and that is on Jason Jason Vernors, who is doing a show for Sin City Illusions at the MacPherson Playhouse. What’s interesting about that? He’s where’s the story he has been given? Celebrity endorsements from Michael Bublé and David Foster, among others. So he’s never He joined CHEKTV host Jeff King, a band on the upside, on the first Monday of every month. Three years ago he joined and he’s been a regular guest on the popular show 18 since 18 months ago. He created new tricks for each episode, so that’s quite an interesting little article. Keep your eye out for Jason Verners.

And that’s all for today, folks.

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Pack Small, Play Big by Eric Bedard

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