Magic Today 13 May 2024 #magicnews

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Video Magic Today 13 May 2024

Magic Today 13 May 2024

In Magic Today 13 May 2024:

1. Scottish Association of Magical Societies 70th- Winner.

2. Scary Vent puppet head that moves

3. Auction collectors books magic

4. Ventriloquist April Brucker and her special puppets.

5. Magic Castle article- relationship with Disney

6. Magician of Auschwitz film

7. Chicago magic lounge and Chicago magic

8. Simon Cowell- old car in magic trick

9. Eliminators Mark Lewis CGT

10. Youtube creators and magicians

11. Magician Carl Michael

12. Kristoff the Magician

13. Taylor Swift magic at concert

14. Magicians Agency Theatre -performances

15. Big show in Vietnam

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