Magic Today 10 May 2024 #magicnews

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Video Magic Today 10 May 2024

Magic Today 10 May 2024

In Magic Today 10 May 2024:

1. Janni Younge (and Peter Samelson)

2. Mo Magic on Jacaranda FM

3. David Blaine in Studio San Diego

4. Stephen Mulhern (BGT) was a teen magician

5. Stalker Off Broadway- Penn and Teller

6. Telethon 2024 – Australia

7. Anna DeGuzman and Bicycle playing cards

8. Mercy High Magic School for girls- Baltimore

9. Shin Lim – new videos coming out

10. Mervant Vera- AGT – rapper magician Mervant Vera

11. David Garrand – Auburn baseball

12. Rubi Ferez – Penn and Teller Fool Us

13. Paul Zerdin – Maidenhead

14. Steve Spade- Dublin show

15. Jackson Rayne – Salem Indiana show

16. The Great Baldini -UK

17. Simon Coronel – Glitches in Reality

18. Piff the Magic Dragon – Laconia Theatre

19. Schlow Library Ran ‘d Shine

20. Illusionist Andrew Evans – The Presidio

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