Magic Today 6 May 2024 #magicnews

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Video Magic Today 6 May 2024

Magic Today 6 May 2024

In Magic Today 6 May 2024:

1. College of Magic- #DavidBlaine contests #PeterSamelson

2. BGT – Aaron Jones

2. Giant screen falling on magician

3. David Jarre (Paris, France)

4. Cillian o’ Conner – show in Colchester (UK)

5. The Sarah Grace Foundation for Children

6. India’s “Magic Planet”

7. Frank Deville- Skateboarding magician

8. Murray Sawchuck- his views

9. Sophie Becker- ventriloquist

10. El Medico Mago

El Medico Mago

11. Mezmerising Magic comments

12. Dynamo

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