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I have launched a campaign called “Spread the Joy” through crowdfunding, to try and get help to get this site back fully functional and exciting.

I am simply unable to continue funding it all and am looking for contributors – both financial and content creation to boost the site.

How does “Spread the Joy” help?

In essence, anyone or any company that donates $150 or more will have the option of asking for a magician for an event at charity of their choice, which we will source for the event, “Spreading the Joy”.

The upshot for magicians that perform for this charity show, is that they get added to the campaign page and marketed from the blog, as well as the good feelings from having entertained at one of their charity performances for the year.

The motivator for this site, is that we get funding so we can update all our tools we use and hopefully get people on board to help with content, design and daily website tasks.

Campaign is below:

You can also use this link to the fundrazr site.

If you can’t contribute and are unable to be a magician involved in charity shows, then please share this campaign (share links below).

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Last updated on 2023-11-16

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