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Day 3 South African Magic Convention 2023

Day 2 South African Magic Convention 2023

Day 1 South African Magic Convention 2023

The International Brotherhood of Magicians wishes The Cape Magicians Circle on their 90th Anniversary:

Arkin Prez Welcome South Africa Cape Magi Circle Oct 2023


Javi Benitez wishes us (The Cape Magicians Circle) for our 90th and announces his new lecture we will see:


Love Melander will be joining us in person, yes, Live. We give a big shout out and thank you to Wolfgang Riebe- who at his own cost, has made this happen!

11/09/2023- We have a very exciting addition to the guests for the Sa Magic Convention. Franz Harary will be joining us on zoom for a discussion on Magic, his design process, creativity and a Q and A session. Thank you Franz.

30/07/2023- The Rules for the SA Championships 2023 have been updated. They have been made simpler and more specific than the general FISM rules.

You can view them here- updated rules (note: you are still required to be a registered SA Magic Convention participant).

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Last updated on 2023-10-12

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